It’s a Bittersweet Life

I have been so extremely excited to get out of the apartment that we are living in now. If you’ve talked to me in the past couple months I’m sure I’ve mentioned something about how much I can’t stand where we live. And I’m sure that it has been a topic so of some of my blogs.

As I’m laying in bed, which is currently just my mattress in my living room, I can’t help but to think of all the memories we have had in this place.

This is the place that we brought our daughter home to for the first time. The place where she learned so sit, crawl, and walk.

The place that my husband and I shared beefier we were married, when life was filled with way less responsibility.

As much as I am ready to move, I will never forget this home and the precious memories made here.

A Closer Look

After all time and preparation my husband and I are finally able to go out on the boat we recently purchased. We love to go fishing, which is what was the inspiration for us to get a boat; we wanted to go cat-fishing on the river. Cat-fishing is something that is done best at night, because this is their prime feeding time. As we are sitting on the boat, slowly swaying with the water, the sky is dark, and we can hear the sounds of all the night bugs. The sounds of the night are peaceful. Trying to find a spot to fish is not the easiest thing because it is dark. You can see a faint outline of the woods to our left, and to the right you can see lights of peoples homes. But besides that, all you can see the the red and green tiny lights of boats in the distance. While you can’t see any fish, you can surely smell them. That fishy smell is definitely not one of my favorites, but is is hopeful sign of what is to come.

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#SOL Day29

Who am I?

Who am I?

This is a question that I frequently ask myself. People always say that when you have children you give so much of yourself up. There are the obvious things that you give up like, time, extra money, patience, and sleep, but then there are the less obvious things, like yourself. Adjusting to being a mom wasn’t easy for me. While I knew from the minute I saw my daughter that I loved her with everything I had, there was still apart of myself who wasn’t ready to let go of the life that I knew. This is a struggle that two years later I have still not been able to conquer.

When someone asks “Who am I?,” I want to be able to say more than I do now. I don’t want my role in my life to define who I am. I want to be my own person. I want to be passionate. I want to have goals other than having a clean house or having all the laundry done. I want to be me.

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#SOL Day 28

The Unexpected Nap

My husband and I recently replaced the TV in our bedroom that broke about a year ago (having a TV in our room was not high on the priority list). While I am glad to have another TV in the house, I’m pretty sure that my daughter is more excited about it than my husband and I.

Now, when she wants to watch her show, she always wants to watch it in our room. After I got home from class yesterday, she asked me to turn the TV on in the room. I was fine with that because I could get some stuff packed in our room that. I turned her show on, and she tapped her hand on the bed and said, “Mama, night-night.” I knew this meant that she wanted me to lay with her. Being the sucker that I am, of course I laid down.

My plan was to lay with her for a few minutes, then proceed to do what I needed to do. Notice I said my “plan”.

I ended up falling asleep, and waking up 4 hours later… a little after 8:00 PM.

Did I get a much needed nap? Yes! Did I get the stuff done I needed to? Haha, not even close! I guess, there is always tomorrow.


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Laundry Day!

Today was a day to celebrate.

Why? It was the last time that I had to drag out all of our loads of laundry to either my mom’s house or my mother-in-law’s house. We are moving this weekend, so the next time that I have to do laundry I will be able to use my own washer and dryer! Yay!

I know this may not seem like a big deal, but after 4 or 5ish years of not having a washer or dryer, I am so over it. I never realized how long it takes to do laundry until you have three peoples laundry for a whole week to do in one day. And with a toddler, we are lucky to get through the day with only two sets of clothes.

My theory has been that if you have tons of clothes it minimizes how frequently you have to do laundry….until you do; then the pile is 5x’s larger.

I will forever appreciate my new washer and dryer.

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Worst Dining Experience

My dad came to town this week to visit, like he does once or twice every month. Being that he was leaving tomorrow, we decided to go out to dinner.
We get to the restaurant and order our food and drinks. The first sign of the experience we were going to have should have been the fact that it took us almost 15 minutes to get our drinks. Mind you, people who ordered after us already had their drinks brought to the table. After ordering drinks we went up to the salad bar, and I promise this is no exaggeration, but the only thing left at the salad bar was humus. Everything was empty. This should have been or second sign.
We decided to just contribute to wait for our meal to come. Our meal finally came, and it gets worse.
My husband order a top sirloin that was well done. He cut into the steak that was on the plate, and I’m pretty sure the cow was still moo-ing. The inside of the steak oozed with blood and was still completely pink. He sent the steak back, and not even two minutes later he was brought back a steak. But it wasn’t the steak he originally had on his plate. Now he had what it looked to be a burnt piece of leather.
My dad order steak and shrimp, but the shrimp made a not so timely appearance. Since he got the shrimp after he was done eating.
Needless to say, we spoke with the manager. On the positive side, our food today was free, and we got a coupon for three free entrees; not that we are too excited to go back to that restaurant to eat again.
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#SOL Day 24

Snow Days

While I am not a huge fan of the snow, I love snow days. Although, snow on the second day of spring is not what I am hoping for. After the scurrying around in the morning trying to figure out what school is delayed or closed and what the unexpected plans are for the day, snow days are great.

They are the perfect excuse to stay home in comfy clothes and not have to go anywhere, all day. Of course, I have to take Brie out to play in the snow. Luckily, two year-old have a pretty short attention span, so I am not stuck out in the cold for long. But we were able to come inside and cuddle under a warm blanket and watch a our daily episode of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood.

Snow Days are a great way to play catch-up on some of the things around the house, and homework, that I have been procrastinating. Unplanned productive time is of great value, especially when you are mom.

Hope everyone near me enjoys their snow day! Safe Travels.

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